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Bustillo enjoy’s studying all forms of martial arts.   All his accomplishments have enhanced the martial arts lesson plan at his IMB Academy.  At the IMB Academy he have three martial arts ranges on our program:  The long range of weaponry, primarily from Kali, Arnis, or Eskrima.   The middle range of natural weapons, which involves Boxing, Jun Fan Gung Fu, and Muay Thai.  And the close range of grappling, incorporating Judo throws, Aikido joint locks, and Catchascatchcan wrestling.       

He teaches Richard Bustillo's Jeet Kune Do. Bustillo Jeet Kune Do is to have students go through three levels of training in the program described above: beginning or introductory phase I, then into the intermediate phase II of physical contact.  Then there is the advance phase III where students who have reached that level of expertise find their own Jeet Kune Do.  Bustillo directs, assists, or guides the students in finding their own way through the IMB program of evolving, analyzing, and experiencing their martial arts potential.

 Jun Fan was Bruce Lee's Chinese birth name and it's the name he gave the basic Gung Fu he put together. Jeet Kune Do was his personal expression of his way in life and martial arts.     No one can teach another Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do.   One can only help another to find their own way through experiences, self-knowledge, and discoveries within oneself.    The best way to define JKD is to use the analogy of writing.   

Bustillo says “If I taught a class how to write in script, each one would wind up with their own personal penmanship.   A penmanship that only the writer can produce.   So when students come to learn, they learn the Jun Fan as in writing, and evolve into Jeet Kune Do as their personal penmanship.   Again, we can only help an individual to find their own martial art way by helping him to find it for himself.  My Jeet Kune Do way is different from everyone else.   I enjoy getting in the wind on my Harley Davidson motorcycle, tinkering with my model-A '30 Ford sedan, scuba diving, helitac and mountain rappeling with my search & rescue team of Los Angeles County, and officiating boxing and kickboxing events.   These are all part of my Jeet Kune Do.    My way may not be your way in a freedom of expression to enjoy life and martial arts.”



:: Sifu Richard Bustillo, President, IMB Academy,

:: 22109 S. Vermont Ave., Torrance, CA 90502        



The Iron Dragon is available

for seminaring all over the world. His busy schedule  enables a seminar appointment only after a long waiting period, often more than a year.