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Instructors-Coaches-Trainers Clinic


Black Belt’s Hall of Fame member Richard Bustillo and his Black Belt Industry's 2006 Best Eclectic Martial Arts School, the IMB Academy, will host their first Instructors Clinic from August 10 thru 14, 2009. The five-day clinic will consist of five hours each day on:  Boxing, Muay Thai, Jeet Kune Do, Doce Pares Eskrima, and MMA. Learn teaching & coaching techniques, drills, and exercises for a well-rounded combative martial arts approach. The fee for the five-day seminar is $350.00. Advance registration only. For more information call (310) 787-8793 or email

More Information:
- The clinic will teach you to coach or instruct your students effectively with functional training.
- You will learn to enhance your students’ performance in close, middle-range, and far combat.
- An outline on all five days of training will be given to supplement instruction and act as

  reference for teaching your own students.
- Participation Certificates will be issued only to those who complete all 5 days of training.

Who should attend:
- Martial Arts Instructors, coaches and trainers of all styles, systems and methods
- Senior students and adult martial artist with an open mind
- Police and security trainers active in training programs

Training Prerequisites:
- Applicants must be in good physical condition for safe training.
- Each participant is responsible for his or her own transportation and lodging.
- Advance registration only. This class fills up fast. Register today at

Training Site:  IMB Academy, 22109 South Vermont Avenue, Torrance  CA 90502 USA (Rear building of building number 22107)

Training Schedule:

Day One:   Boxing;
1) Skipping rope & exercises
2) Joint rotation 
3) Shadow boxing: numbering system, upper body evasion
4) Offensive punching and defenses 
5) Punching combination 
6) Foot work and balance 
7) Speed drills 
8) Power strikes                                                   
9) Hand wrapping
10) Sparring drills

Day Two:  Kali-Arnis-Cacoy Doce Pares Eskrima 

1) Warm up exercises 
2) Double Olisi drills 
3) Double and single olisi forms 
4) Numbering system
5) Blocking for each number 
6) Striking combination 
7) Cinco Tero 
8) Kali Numberado 
9) Espara y Daga 1
10)  Panantukan (empty hand defense)

Day Three: Muay Thai 
1) Thai stance
2) Round kick exercise
3) Stomp drills
4) Stomp defense
5) Round kick defense 
6) Stomp punch combo
7) Round kick - punch - kick combo
8) Kick defense
9) Training elbows and knee with pads
10) Sparring drills

Day Four: Jeet Kune Do 
1) Stance and Balance
2) Front hand & defense
3) Front kick & defense
4) Energy drills
5) 6 count defense
6) Single & multiple trapping
7) Foot obstruction
8) Don chi
9) Chi sao
10) Mook Joong drills

Day Five: Jiujitsu/MMA
1) Kneeing & standing roll 
2) Falls
3) Positions
4) Ground exercises
5) Kneeling take down 
6) Countering positions 
7) Side control and submissions
8) Mount control and submissions  
9) Standing and ground rear naked choke submission and counter 
10) Sparring drills

About the Instructor:
Richard S. Bustillo has the distinction of being certified as a law enforcement defensive tactics instructor by the FBI, LASD and LAPD.  He completed the Coaches College in 1977 at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado and the United States Amateur Boxing clinic at 1979 at the OTC as a coach, official and referee.  He completed the LAPD Instructors Teaching Development course in 1994.  The Martial Arts Hall of Fame inductee is a high ranking Sigung in Jeet Kune Do, a Kru in Muay Thai, and Sensei in tradional and non-tradional jiujitsu and wrestling.  With 45 years of teaching experience and features in over 30 front cover MA publications, learn his techniques in this clinic and see why Mr. Bustillo is in demand for seminars domestically and internationally. It is just a matter of honesty for your best choice of training.




:: Sifu Richard Bustillo, President, IMB Academy,

:: 22109 S. Vermont Ave., Torrance, CA 90502        



The Iron Dragon is available

for seminaring all over the world. His busy schedule  enables a seminar appointment only after a long waiting period, often more than a year.