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For over 30 years, the International Martial Arts & Boxing Academy has played an important role in the personal growth and professional development of thousands of students locally, nationally, and internationally.

With over ten thousand square feet of floor space, the IMB Academy is one of the largest and most complete martial art schools in the South Bay area. Our classes are conducted in the main training room on a high quality matted floor. Our facility also offers a fully equipped weight room and an open workout room with a boxing ring, speed and heavy bags, allowing students to train independently from their scheduled class times.

The IMB Academy takes a non-traditional approach towards Martial Arts training, focusing more on the individual and less on the style in which they study, because no single martial art style is applicable to each and every person. Students, as individuals, are different in size, physical ability, interest level and goals. The "JKD" classes provide a controlled atmosphere that allows IMB students to safely experience multiple types of disciplines. This process enables them to absorb that which is most practical and functional.

We supply you with the three basic ranges of various martial art disciplines. You practice them on your own and make your own decisions on what best fits your needs. Every individual, based on their abilities and experiences, has their own unique (Jeet Kune Do) way. IMB takes the position that, "These are some of our principles, theories, and concepts that are practical, simple and direct." We don't want to teach you only martial arts. We want you to be able to develop it. This philosophy is called Jeet Kune Do.

A six month probation period must be completed before new students are officially accepted as full members of the IMB Academy. A Certificate of Achievement is awarded upon completion of one hundred hours of class participation in the basic fundamentals of the various martial arts.

(Long range) Weaponry self-defense from the Filipino Martial Arts of Doce Pares System, featuring single and double stick coordination drills that provide a better awareness towards the various angles of offense, defense, and counters.

Jeet Kune Do I serves as a basic level introductory class, allowing students to experience proper warm ups, stretching and conditioning exercises before engaging in the various ranges and styles of our martial arts curriculum. Instruction shall emphasize such elements as proper body mechanics, balance, reactionary skills, etc... Physical contact will be limited to resistance training on equipment such as: Boxing focus gloves, Muay Thai striking pads, kicking shields, speed bags, heavy bags, and rattan sticks. No physical contact sparring is allowed without instructor approval & supervision.

Jeet Kune Do II The advanced class is contingent upon satisfactory completion of individual testing. Scheduled quarterly, testing is encouraged after completing the basic six month probation period. The Phase II class includes training with the Mook Jong Wooden Dummy, counter for counter drills, and controlled contact sparring within the three ranges of Martial Arts at the discretion of the instructor.

Senior students that qualify for the Apprentice Instructor Program are recognized from the Phase II class, and possess an exceptional martial arts ability and professional attitude.



:: Sifu Richard Bustillo, President, IMB Academy,

:: 22109 S. Vermont Ave., Torrance, CA 90502        



The Iron Dragon is available

for seminaring all over the world. His busy schedule  enables a seminar appointment only after a long waiting period, often more than a year.