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A native of Hawaii, Richard has over 40 years of martial arts experience. He began judo training at age 8 at the Gray Y Center in Palolo Valley, Hawaii. He learned to box at age 10 in Kalihi Valley and competed in 'Biddy Boxing' and 'PAL' boxing under the Veterans Boxing Club in Honolulu's Aala Park.

At age 14 Richard practiced the Kajukenbo system with the Kempo/Karate Club of Waipahu until graduating from St. Louis High School and moving to California to pursue a college education. While a college student at age 19, Richard competed in boxing tournaments such as the Golden Gloves, Silver Gloves, Blue & Gold and other amateur boxing shows for Shaw's Boxing Gym in Los Angeles. At age 24 Richard studied Jeet Kune Do under the legendary Bruce Lee at the Jun Fan Gung Fu Institute in China Town, Los Angeles.

In 1967, with training partner Dan Inosanto, Richard researched and studied the Filipino martial arts of kali/escrima/arnis. Richard and Dan are currently credited and honored worldwide for reviving and promoting the martial arts of the Philippines. In 1976, Richard was promoted by Sifu Inosanto to senior instructor level in Bruce Lee's Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do.

In 1978 Richard studied Muay Thai and achieved the title Kru (teacher) in 1985 from Thailand's former Olympian and Muay Thai Champion Nanfa "Lot" (Chiridichoi) Satenglam. Presently Richard is training with the Machado (Brazilian) Jujitsu USA Team for fitness and health.

Mr. Bustillo was certified by the USA Olympic Training Center as a coach and official for the U.S. Amateur Boxing of Southern California. He is a certified Sensei (instructor) with the Catchascatchcan Wrestling Association of Japan and a Guro (instructor) in the Filipino arts of Kali-Escrima-Arnis. Mr. Bustillo is also an inductee to Black Belt's Hall of Fame - Instructor of the Year and to the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame - Pioneer Award. He was awarded a ninth degree and the title Grand Master by the fame Doce Pares organization of Cebu City, Philippines.

When Mr. Bustillo is not coaching or officiating boxing/kickboxing, or conducting martial art seminars around the country or aboard, he is on patrol as a Reserve Sergeant with his assigned Emergency Service Detail Marine Reserve Co. 218. A Search & Rescue Team of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. Richard is a member of the National Association of Search and Rescue, a member of the California Reserve Peace Officers Association, and the California Association of Public Safety Divers. He is also a member the American Society of Law Enforcement Trainers and a member of the Council of Grand Masters of Cebu, Philippines.

After managing the personnel department of a Los Angeles major airline for three years (as the culmination of a twenty-year career); Mr. Bustillo elected early retirement in 1986 to be a full time martial artist. A service to society and its community by improving a sense of safety and confidence to students' total well being and self-worth.



:: Sifu Richard Bustillo, President, IMB Academy,

:: 22109 S. Vermont Ave., Torrance, CA 90502        



The Iron Dragon is available

for seminaring all over the world. His busy schedule  enables a seminar appointment only after a long waiting period, often more than a year.